UPDATE 2 April 2014 – Following a successful festival run in Ireland and America The Scumbagnetic Effect is now online for all to see!

The Scumbagnetic Effect from Junior B on Vimeo.

Project Info

2013 – Short Film – 17 Minutes – Colour/HD

Director: Gerald O’Brien
Writer: Pat O’Brien
Producer: Mike McGrath-Bryan
Audio Producer: Steve Collender
Musical Composition: James Fitzgerald

Part satire, part social commentary, The Scumbagnetic Effect looks at the nature of bad behaviour in Irish society, from ASBO culture, to the bankers, with an irreverent edge, and an eclectic cast of characters. The film is set in the world of Junior B, an animated sitcom currently in development, set in modern Ireland and developed in Cork, and hails from the minds that brought you Daithi Agus Goliath.

The film screened at the Cork Film Festival and Indie Cork Festival in 2013 and will screen at the Chicago Irish Film Festival in Spring 2014.