Phoenix Syndrome is a distortion-heavy alternative rock track with elements of electronica weaved in. It began life as part of my Masters thesis on creating space in a mix using different techniques with Logic Pro 9, before evolving into an experiment with over-compression and how to use deliberately in-your-face production techniques effectively.

I was influenced by The Chemical Brothers work on 'Dig Your Own Hole' (1997) in creating a pumping compression sound intended for drums and applying it to the whole mix, and also by the production of Marilyn Manson's sound in terms of vocal treatment.

I re-worked the song when doing a course in Advanced Mixdown Techniques with the School of Audio Engineering (SAE) last March under the tuition of Hans Martin-Buff (formerly Prince's personal engineer), who described it as a rocking mix and awarded it top marks!

All instruments and production by Steve Collender

Soundwave courtesy of Wallpapers 5