Dookie by Green Day is now 20 years old. If you grew up with this album like I did then that's a sobering thought!

It may have been worlds away from Black Flag, The Clash and the world of 70's/80's punk, but love it or hate it, Dookie set the blueprint for every pop-punk album that followed. It also features excellent production work by the late Jerry Finn, who went on to work with Blink 182 and The Offspring, and created a unique sound that harnessed the aggression of punk rock with radio friendliness.

F.O.D. is the closing track from the album - it's mostly acoustic guitar and singing with a big breakdown at the end. Here I've made the breakdown the focus of the track with some elements of glitch and put Billie Joe's voice at the centre of the mix.

*This remix is for entertainment purposes only. I am not redistributing or profiting from the work.

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