Girls On Film by Duran Duran is a great pop song with a classic 80s sound. I wanted to turn it into an upbeat and modern mix, keeping the pop flavour of the original but adding this pumping disco feel so that it’s ready to fill any club dancefloor.


The first thing I noticed from the original stems was that it has this excellent, bouncy disco bass line courtesy of John Taylor which is almost lost in the mix. I wanted to put this front and centre, so the only elements I took from the mix were the bassline and vocals, (along with the clicky-clicky cameras at the start).

To get that big, pumping disco feel, I pushed the bass up as far as I could and used EQ to emphasise more of the fret noise – with the lack of guitar, the bass is doing all the work by providing both melody and rhythm, much in the same way a band like Muse treat their bass lines – and used Side Chain Compression to make all the bass elements of the mix respond to the kick drum. Sidechaining the kick drum is really useful if you want to achieve that dynamic push/pell effect whenever the bass drum kicks in. Curious to use it? Check out this video for a tutorial

The glitchy elements were programmed using Effectrix from Sugar Bytes, which is well worth purchasing and a great tool for any aspiring glitch artist. It’s got an awesome GUI with a colourful step sequencer that’s easy to use and as addictive as it sounds.

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 12.44.36

I used this on the individual elements of the mix – particularly the drums during the verses – and also the master output. Though more importantly, I only used it intermittently! The key with remixing is to know what sound you’re going for, and then focusing your work purely around building that sound, rather just doing things because ‘you can’ or doing ‘what sounds cool’. What jumps out most about this remix is the big bass line and club dance floor feel, so I used the glitch only to complement that main sound – a neat way to embellish the percussion without going overkill and update the overall style for the 2010s.

If you’re reading this I hope you enjoyed the remix! There’ll be more remixes to follow in the coming weeks.